(1) Non-Exclusive: also referred to as, ‘non-exclusive rights’, ‘limited rights’, ‘leasing’ or ‘leasing rights’ stand for rights, licenses and/or products, that are not solely granted or sold to one single person/company/organisation, but to multiple persons/companies/organisations at the same time. These ‘non-exclusive’ rights, licenses or products have more strict restrictions and limitations than exclusive rights, licenses or products, etc. ‘Non-exclusive’ rights, licenses or products are not restricted to the person, group, or area concerned. The term ‚non-exclusive’ means ‚not exclusive’.

(2) FREE DOWNLOADS – Free downloads of any beat produced by ‘Record kingdom’ do not include any artistic, commercial, profitable or legislative rights to the beat. Those versions are only for non-profitable use, meaning only for demonstrational tracks. You are allowed to upload tracks (recorded over free downloaded beats) on internet pages like Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Facebook, Soundclick or Youtube, etc. When being uploaded or presented (for demonstrational use only!), credit always has to be given in a written form to ‘Record kingdom’ (example: Beat by Record kingdom – Recordkingdom.com) (e.g. in the song description or song title).  You are allowed to put the track on a free mixtape if it is for promotional use only and strictly for non-profitable purpose. If you want to put your song on an album, or manufacture physical copies, or sell your music in any form, you need to purchase at least a leasing license or higher license which is appropriate for your needs. It is not allowed to make any kind of profit with free download versions. No DVD-, no CD-, no TV-, no radio-streams or airplay allowed! No monetization of videos or any form of audio allowed. Furthermore it is not allowed to make any changes to the beat or remove any of the used tags or blend out parts of the beat (beat-drops). Copying, distributing, uploading or ripping any audio material (e.g. beat, tag, sounds, instruments, drums, etc.) in any form other than allowed in this agreement is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated at any time! Downloading a tagged beat does not reserve rights to the beat for any form of future licensing. The person disobeying these rules will likely face a law suit for copyright infringement.

(3) LEASING RIGHTS (if applicable) – Also known as non-exclusive rights, purchasing a leasing license grants the customer limited artistic, commercial and legislative rights to the corresponding beat(s) for one single profitable/commercial use (e.g. album, EP, single or mix-tape) on any physical or digital medium such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, LPs, Cassettes, USB-Sticks or digital sales (e.g. itunes, google-play, etc.) with a circulation of up to 3.000 sales units, all royalty-free. If this point of sale is reached and/or further sales are desired, further rights with a new sales cap need to be obtained with a new license or license upgrade (if the beat has not yet been sold with exclusive rights and is still available). If the beat is no longer available and offered for any form of licensing and/or marked as sold, license owners of any type of non-exclusive rights may upgrade their current license to the highest available non-exclusive license such as a professional lease, etc. If exclusive rights are no longer available, this does not affect license owners from being allowed to upgrade their non-exclusive license(s) to the highest form of non-exclusive license(s). Once Licensee has reached the allowed number of sales and any other limits concerning his license agreement, no more sales can be made after the sales cap is reached. Licensee expressly agrees to remove his song from any marketplaces, stores, etc. to avoid the song from being sold or monetized continuously. A leasing license (non-exclusive) comes as a mixed, tag-free MP3-file and a contract/invoice, stating the rights of use and details of purchase. A beat can be leased to more than one person at the same time until exclusive rights are sold to the beat. Once a beat has been sold with exclusive rights, it will no longer be available for any kind of leasing and licensing, except for upgrading previously sold non-exclusive licenses to a higher non-exclusive license. Previous leasing/non-exclusive rights that have been sold before the beat is sold exclusively are not affected and stay valid until the applicable sales cap has been reached. Leasing a beat does not make the licensee the sole owner of the beat, nor does it give the licensee any administrative rights to the beat concerning legal actions against other license owners or anyone using any of the compositions offered by Record Kingdom. The licensee is  allowed to get profitable radio-, video- or television-airplay or to perform the song on commercial/profitable shows with a leasing rights license. For this purpose licensee must own exclusive rights to the beat or a higher non-exclusive license such as ‘premium leasing rights’, ‘extended premium leasing rights’ or ‘professional leasing rights’, depending on which type of use he wants to market and distribute the song(s) over the beat(s). The licensor expressly forbids re-sale or any other distribution of the producer’s compositions, either as they exist or any modification thereof. You (the licensee) cannot sell, loan, rent, lease, assign, remix, re-arrange, remove any melodies, instruments, drum programming or transfer all or any of the products sold or the corresponding rights to another person or third party (example – Record Label, another production company, another producer, another artist), or for use in any competitive product. This excludes companies the licensee holds at least 50% of ownership. The licensee understands that the licensor maintains 100% copyright and ownership of the original instrumental composition. Licensee cannot use any beat compositions as background element in TV, Film and DVD / computer game projects without obtaining written consent and a separate license agreement. Licensee must include on all productions and products the producer’s name (Record Kingdom). Licensee agrees to display the producer’s name in all physical media or within web presentation of a portion (e.g. pre-listening) or sum of the original instrumental composition that is being licensed in this agreement. Including but not limited to CD’s, CD covers, Cassette tapes, LP’s, Cards, etc. (Example credits: ‘Beat prod. by Record Kingdom’ or ‘Music produced by RK (Record Kingdom)’ … Music © 2015 All rights reserved. Used under license. Any displayed or downloadable MP3 files must include ‘Beat by Record Kingdom within the file name. Furthermore, LEASING RIGHTS are subject to registrations in points (8) – (13).

(4) Product(s): also referred to as ‘item(s)’ or ‘goods’ stand for ‘license(s)’, ‘beat-composition(s)’, ‘drum-kit(s)’, ‘sound(s)’ or any ‘service(s)’ offered for sale or free download on our website(s) and/or marketplace(s)

(5) DRUM KITS / SOUNDS – All products sold as ‚drum-kits’, ‚drum-packs’, ‚drum-sounds’, ‚one-shots’, ‚sounds’, ‚sound–packs’, ‚libraries’, ‚expansions’, ‚plug-ins’ etc. on our page are royalty free. This means that you buy the non-exclusive rights to use them freely in any sound/audio and/or audiovisual production without additional compensation to Allrounda (Nicolas Scholtes). You may not distribute, sell, assign, license or otherwise transfer any of the sounds or kits except as incorporated in a production. You may not distribute the sounds or loops without the production of music and/or vocal production added or provide instruction as to how to extract the sounds or loops from a production. There will be no refunds for drum-kits in case you don’t like the sounds. All drum samples have been professionally processed and we always deliver high quality products. The demo sounds in the small sample package can be downloaded for free to check the quality and format of the files and can be used for any production purpose on any medium. You may not re-sell or distribute the free sample-drum-sounds in any form on any website. You may not distribute the sounds or loops, either in native format or reformatted, filtered, re-synthesized or otherwise edited for use as sounds, multi-sounds, samples, loops, multi-samples in a sampler, sample playback unit, web site, computer or other media.

(6) PAYMENTS – Record Kingdom accepts PayPal, Major Credit Card Payments, Western Union and Bank transfers. All payments are to be paid or are paid upfront before delivery of the product. E.g. this means at the same time that services or products by Record Kingdom will only be delivered after receiving the payment(s), never upfront. Payments that are still pending and not being credited yet need to be credited first before delivery! Payment plans for services and products, can be set up individually. A verbal or written separate individual agreement therefore is necessary. Our website(s) and maketplaces, and may no longer be sold with exclusive rights,  In case of a money-refund by any of the parties, the issued contract becomes invalid. Payments that are in any form held, refunded, cancelled or incorrect, by any of the parties, result that the issued contract(s)/license agreement(s) and all of the granted rights therein become invalid and reversed.

(7) PUBLIC PERFORMANCES (Shows/Videos/Streams/Radio-and TV-airplay) – Public performances are ‘live shows’, ‘live video streams’, ‘videos’, ‘audio streams’, ‘radio airplay’, tv airplay’ and ‘film music’ either as just music (standalone) or music in a movie, tv- or video-commercial, spot, etc. Non-profitable live performances or public performances (non profitable live shows, non profitable video streams, non-profitable audio streams) are allowed for any license type, without limitation in amount of performances. Profitable performances are only allowed with premium leasing rights, extended premium leasing rights, professional leasing rights and/or exclusive rights. See appropriate/specific license description and terms. The only license allowing unlimited public performances of any kind, is exclusive rights. TV- and radio-airplay or streams are only allowed for professional leasing rights and/or exclusive rights. Profitable live shows or monetized videos are allowed for any license higher than standard leasing rights (see restrictions in points 2-7). All profitable public performances as well as allowed sales units, if applicable for license type, are royalty-free, this means licensee keeps 100% earnings/profits made – exception: rules for rotations/streams as defined in point (5) PROFESSIONAL LEASING RIGHTS.


(8) YOUTUBE VIDEOS (Content ID) – The licensor maintains the unlimited, worldwide rights to register his beat-compositions with a content-ID program/institution such as AdRev, etc. (if you have questions about content ID or AdRev, please google ‘Content ID’ and ‘AdRev’) a nd be the sole administrator of youtube rights using such a content ID program. This is necessary and entitles licensor to maintain the administrative and legislative rights to the beat-composition, in order to be able to ensure non-exclusive and exclusive license owners administrative guidance and license-warranties. The main purpose is to stop people from stealing beats and using/monetizing them in videos without owning a license. What AdRev does is scan youtube videos for audio material produced by Record Kingdom) and automatically sends a copyright claim, which blocks your videos from monetization temporarily. Don’t worry! This claim is more a notification and will NOT harm your channel or video, nor does it force you to take down the video(s), the only thing it does, is disable the monetization option temporarily. Your video will keep playing without any other limitations. Anyone using free downloads and tagged demo downloads in videos on youtube can ignore this copyright notification as it doesn’t stop your video from playing and monetization wouldn’t be allowed for non-licensed beats at all (if monetization is desired, you can purchase a premium leasing rights license or higher if beat is still available). IMPORTANT! – All license owners need to send us their link(s) to their video(s) and details of purchase so we can put their video(s) on the whitelist and remove the copyright claim within 24 hours – please send details/links to: info@allrounda.com including your full name, link to video(s) and/or email address used for purchase. This is the exact message you might receive: Due to a copyright claim, you are no longer monetizing the following YouTube video. It is still playable on YouTube, but the copyright owner could choose to show ads on it. It may therefore be possible that you receive a copyright claim on youtube videos, even if you own a license. As listed above, please follow the instructions written in bold! Using a content ID program is the only way we can assure that only people with an appropriate beat-license are monetizing their videos rightfully and legally on youtube. It also protects your videos from receiving fraudulent claims by third parties that claim to own the administrative rights to the beats. If you have any questions concerning this issue, feel free to contact us anytime via email and we will respond in 24 business hours.

(9) DELIVERY – Products, files and documents are delivered electronically via an automatic system if purchased via our instant delivery store, and also manually within a delivery time frame of 24 business hours if purchased any other way. All products, files and documents are delivered electronically via e-mail as download links, hosted through a file-sending service such as sendspace.com, license agreement(s) may be sent as attached pdf-file(s). No tangible/physical copies will be delivered via postal mail for non-exclusive rights licenses, upon request, we send tangible/physical copies in form of a printed license-agreement/receipt and a CD/DVD containing the files to the product(s) via postal mail, in case it’s an exclusive rights purchase or custom beat production. Please check your spam and junk folders if you don’t find our e-mails in your inbox. Make sure you don’t block pop-up windows in your browser or links in your email provider/software. If links are not clickable, copy and paste the link(s) in the address bar of your browser. If you experience any issues with download links, please try a different browser or computer/device. Most mobile phones and devices are not capable of downloading and saving files, in order to download the files/documents properly, please use a desktop computer such as a PC, Mac, Laptop or Macbook.